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Japan’s Mind-Blowing Innovations — Step into 2023 With Style

Japan is one of the World’s leading countries specializing in technology, and we are all in awe because of it. We are still processing new t...

Japan’s Mind-Blowing Innovations

Japan is one of the World’s leading countries specializing in technology, and we are all in awe because of it. We are still processing new technologies like Streaming Sites and robots, but Japan is on another level. The Japanese public has given the World the best of innovations, from wearable umbrellas to the coolest video games.

Towards the end of the year, almost all of us are keeping our eyes peeled to watch what Japan unfolds next. But before we check out, we should give our appreciation to some of the coolest innovations that will make the Japanese step into 2023 with style.


It is Japan’s variant of the Discord app. A social media application lets users view material with peers while occupied with either spoken or written discussion. With this app, you don’t have to have different apps opened so that you can look at documents and talk to your peers at the same time.

5G Network

As the World’s hotspot market for technology, Japan is not behind when it comes to the cellular network. Though just started, Japan has released a 5G broadband cellular network. The participating members are hoping to capitalize on the perks of 5G, like Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC), and Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB).


Being a cat-friendly country, Japan has always released new and innovative ways to cater to the needs of all animals, especially cats. For example, Japan has launched an AI-based firm called HachiTama, which translates to “Cats’ Island.” This firm uses advanced technology to detect cat health issues that can cause many problems if detected later.

Urinary issues in cats must be detected earlier. So, the AI-based litter box “Toletta” helps Cat Parents to consult with the doctor before it is too late to cure.

Unmanned Payment

In Japan, convenience stores are everywhere, and people are convinced by them. Convenience stores are popular tourist places since you can grab anything you want to eat on the go. These convenience stores are open 24/7 and are making huge revenue.

But during the Covid Lockdown era, people requested ways to keep the stores open. That is why they invented unmanned payments, where you can pay for your things with a single charge. Then, with the risk of possible viruses, they removed employees to have a safe environment for customers to shop freely.

Traveling Back in Time…

All of us know that Japan is prone to getting natural disasters. Of course, we hope Japan can be rid of these disasters, but for the time being, Japan is increasing its precautions to tackle mother nature. The best possible way to do that is definitely better infrastructure, but with the increment in technology, they are improvising.

Let’s travel back in time and appreciate the top Apps that Japanese Technology brought to us that made Japan what it is today.

NHK News and Disaster Updates

Mother Nature is harsh on everyone, but Japan always seems first on the list. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, and flash floods are frequent calamities that we should be prepared for. An app like NHK News and Disaster Updates is useful for preparing yourself in Japan.

Hoping to be safe during the disaster, this app alerts Japanese residents and tourists. In addition, your phone will light up with a warning tone to let you know of nature’s angry time so you can be prepared.


You might be surprised to see Hulu since the availability of Hulu is only in the USA, right? But the Japanese public is so fond of Hulu that they were given the right to develop a Japanese version of this Streaming application. Not only that, Japanese Hulu comes in the checklist of most downloaded apps in the country.

So, if you’re in Japan for the New Year, you can binge-watch Hulu. The good thing is Japan also has other streaming apps like Netflix and FoD, but the majority prefer Hulu. This is good because you can catch up on all the popular Japanese anime and J-dramas.

But if you want to watch Hulu’s American library, you can unlock it connecting with a VPN Server in USA. As in Japan, you will only be able to watch the Japanese library. 

Genshin Impact

A video game that took the video game industry to the next level, Genshin Impact has a huge player count. With a yearly revenue of nearly $400 Million, you can’t call Genshin Impact just another anime world game.

Genshin Impact is an open-world Role Playing Game that had all of Japan, and most foreign gamers hooked. News has it that people made real-life friends in the game, and some even found and married the love of their lives.

Wrapping Up

Technology in Japan is far from wrapping up, but this article must be wrapped up for the sake of your eyes. By now, we are proud of you for reading this far and hope that our little information to let you know of the latest and legendary Japanese technology will help you stay on the technological craze.

Since Japan is still at its technical starting point, they have much more to unlock by the next year. So, what new gadgets and apps will be released? Be on the lookout for them! Until then, Adios.

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