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Religious Organisations and Churches that offer grants or financial aid

  If you are in need of urgent financial help to pay rent, bills, and many other things, many religious and church-based organisations are a...


If you are in need of urgent financial help to pay rent, bills, and many other things, many religious and church-based organisations are able to help. In the majority of cases, religious institutions provide a array of social services for families and those who are in need. Find churches that help with rent pay near you.

Below, we'll answer some of your most frequently asked concerns about churches and other religious organisations that provide you with a variety of assistance:

1. What can I do to find and be eligible for financial assistance?

2. Do religious institutions and churches provide financial or other help?

3. Where can I find churches or religious groups close to me?

4. Are there any other options for searching for help?

5. What kind of support can you offer?

6. Are these congregations also offer food assistance for free?

1. How does it work

The Emergency Rental Assistance program (ERAP) assists tenants in rental arrears (back rent) as well as overdue utility bills, a limited amount of future rents and also protects from certain kinds of evictions as well as rent increase. The rent.

Update: The applications for ERAP are now open for a brief period . Tenants who are behind on rent should apply as soon as possible.

  • The application provides protection against the possibility of eviction.

  • ERAP has a small amount of funding. It is also possible to apply for other programs such as cash assistance or One-Shot Deal Emergency Assistance through the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA). If you have applied for ERAP prior to this, be sure to include proof that you submitted your ERAP application in your HRA application to receive rental assistance.


  • Assistance can consist of:

Rent up to 12 months in arrears.

Three months or more of future rent if your family is spending 30% or greater of their total monthly income on rent.

up to 12 months of outstanding gas and electric utility bills.

  • If you're eligible, you can benefit from these security features that are associated with your ERAP payment:

It is not possible to be expelled for not paying back the rent that is covered by ERAP payment.

The homeowner will not charge late fees that are associated to an ERAP payment.

The landlord can't raise the rent per month for the entire year.

The landlord is not able to make certain types of eviction proceedings against you for one year.

  • The payment will be made directly to the landlord, homeowner or the utility company on behalf of the tenant.

The tenants will receive an email the payment was paid by them on behalf of.

The money is not considered to be as income for those who meet the criteria for public assistance or benefits.

  • You are able to apply even if there is an eviction matter that is pending against you. The application will probably keep an eviction case in place.

Homeowners can choose to refuse ERAP payments. If that is the scenario, tenants are encouraged to apply since an accepted ERAP application could be used to defend when a case is brought before a the court.

  • US Citizenship isn't required. The status of your immigration will not be requested.

  • Homeowners may make an application for tenants on their behalf.

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