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Points To Remember On How To Create A Test Plan Document

  You go to the Paytm application and make the transaction or login into your Facebook account, all these tasks and many more are ensured th...


Test Plan Document

You go to the Paytm application and make the transaction or login into your Facebook account, all these tasks and many more are ensured through software testing. But what makes software testing possible, is a test plan document. Let’s understand what a test plan document is and how you can create a functioning test plan document. 

What is a software test plan document?

A test plan document refers to a thorough document that catalogues the objectives, set of scope, estimations, approach, test strategy, deadlines, resources required for completing the project and schedule of intended activities. 

You can think of it as a blueprint for running the tests that are needed to ensure the smooth functioning of the software.

A test plan document involves information like:

  • The comprehensive objective of testing
  • A blueprint of the test approach (how the test has to be run)
  • The features, operations and components needed to be tested
  • Thorough scheduling and distribution of resources for testers and developers

How to create a test plan document?

We have discussed what is a test plan document and why it is necessary for a smooth and desired functioning of software testing. Now let us move on to how to create a software test plan document.

  • Learn about the software

Before creating a test plan document, make sure you learn everything about the software like how it was created, how it works and what is its intended purpose. Only after garnering software-related information, will you be able to create a test plan which is admissible and effective for testing the product.


  • Define the scope of testing

What will be the point of creating a test plan document which is longer than the product itself? First and foremost, establish what will be tested exactly during the process and which functions or modules are needed to be covered.


  • Create test cases

Creating test cases is one of the most crucial tasks of creating test plans. A test case is basically the document which includes what steps are needed to be taken for testing the product.


  • Develop a test strategy

A test strategy means how you plan to implement testing. All your testers should need to be working on the same strategy, so they are aware of what they need to do at any given time.


  • Define the test objective

Test objectives ensure every action is relevant and supply towards making the software more valuable for users. Every test case is linked to a test objective like testing known features, performing exploratory tests and ensuring product stability throughout the lifecycle.


  • Choose testing tools

Choosing a reliable and accurate software testing tool to perform the testing activities is a key part. Some of these tools could be software-based, while others could require a physical resource like testing machines. It's crucial to choose an accurate tool for a specific job.


  • Find bugs early

‘Bug fixing’ sessions can be hefty and time-consuming, so leave time in your planning document early for finding bugs. This will allow you to determine the problems early on before they become too expensive and problematic to fix. 


  • Plan your test environment

In a test plan, information regarding the environment is included where the testing will take place. For instance, sizing requirements for servers and software, platforms supported by the software, testing hardware for product testing, etc.


Other important points to remember while creating a test plan are resource planning, defining the test criteria, planning test team logistics and scheduling & estimation for a required product. Also, make sure, when you are creating a test plan, it should be concise, organized, readable, flexible and accurate.


We discussed what is a test plan document and how to create a test plan document in the former sections. We hope you have understood the important things to remember while creating a test plan document. If you have any further suggestions to make, kindly drop a comment below.

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